Fill In These Things About You

Name: Xalander Magic Carter

Birthday: 5th February

Height: 5'8

Eye color: dark hazel

Hair color: brown

A random fact about you: i love n'sync and backstreet boys

favorite band: probably avenged sevenfold

Favorite song: sanctuary/ passion by Utada Hikaru

Favorite food: my grandmas meatloaf

Favorite season: winter

Favorite animal: lion

Favorite movie: Blood In, Blood Out

Are you currently in a relationship?: no ,_,

If so, are you happy with them?:

Anything you need to work on?: my pushups and situps

Who ended your last relationship?me

Are you friends with your ex?: havent really talked to her

Do you prefer someone shorter or taller?: shorter

Dark hair or light hair?: darker

Smart or attractive?: both

Is creativity attractive?: yes

Do you care how much money they have?: nope

Your last phone call: my platoon sergeant

Your last text: my friend asking if i was at work....i wasnt

The last thing you ate: chicken

The last thing you drank: water

The last song you listened to: Your Decision by Alice in Chains

The last book you read: The Death and Life of Superman

The last movie you watched: currently watching Children of the Corn

What is your heritage?: spanish, african-american, native american, not sure what else

Do you play any instruments?: i play a wicked air guitar

What are you pets’ names? : loki

Your favorite board game: star wars : trivial pursuit

A random childhood memory: fireworks with my late uncle george and cousin clinton

Places you would like to visit: tokyo

Your favorite color to wear: black