Conversations with my muse

Tyler: Dude, you didn’t work very much this week, are you sure that you’re gonna be able to pay the rent?

Me : OH! You mean the ridiculously high rent that mom makes us pay so that we can live here? The ridiculously high rent that we pay off with a job she didn’t even want us to have in the first place?

Tyler : Ya, that rent, anyways, do you think you’ll have the 300?

Me : ya dude, i do, and its 250 cause we added on last month, 

Tyler : oh ya, so what are you gonna do while they’re gone this weekend?

Me : You do realize we have no friends right? To the point of where we are more than likely gonna drive the dog insane?

Tyler: oh ya, well even then we should do something

TYLER STAHP IT tyler is annoying tyler is still kicking the inside of my head shut up Tyler muse conversations